2015 & 2016 Winter Series Rules

1.  Latemodels

1.1  Has to be a 1/10th scale short course based electric vehicle, 2wd or 4wd.

1.2  Any motor and speed control.

1.3  Most short course tires and wheels (2.2/3.0) excludes aggressive knobby tires.

1.4  Any 1/8th scale late model body (lexan or plastic).

1.5  Any chassis (excluding homemade).

1.6  Any shocks and springs.

1.7  2 cell lipo battery limit.

 2.  Outlaw Modifieds

2.1  Has to be a 1/10th scale short course based electric 2wd vehicle.

2.2  Any motor and speed control.

2.3  Any short course tires and wheels (2.2/3.0)

2.4  Most short course tires and wheels (2.2/3.0) excludes aggressive knobby tires.

2.5  Any chassis (excluding homemade).

2.6  Any shocks and springs.

2.7  2 cell lipo battery limit.

3.  Slash Modifieds
3.1  The car has to be a 2wd short course electric Slash.
3.2  Must use stock (ready to run) electronics.  Motor, speed control, steering servo.
  3.2.1  Any radio is allowed
  3.2.2  Titan 12T brushed motor and XL-5 speed control or Velineon VXL brushless motor and VXL3s speed control are     both allowed.
  3.2.3  Must use the factory bullet connectors from the motor to the speed control on either system.
  3.2.4  Brushless motored cars are limited to a 3300 mah 7 cell Nimh battery.
  3.2.5  Brushed motored cars are limited to a 2 cell lipo battery.
  3.2.6  There must be a connector (deans, traxxas, etc.) from the speed control to the battery.
3.3  Must use a dirt modified body (lexan or plastic).
3.4  Must use stock Traxxas Slash components or RPM replacement parts.
  3.4.1  RPM parts may replace any stock plastic part except for the transmission case and chassis.
  3.4.2  All stock and RPM parts must remain unaltered.
  3.4.3  Adding weight is allowed.  It should be securely fastened.
3.5  Stock plastic body shocks (aluminum and threaded body shocks not allowed).
  3.5.1  Shock fluid and pistons are open.
  3.5.2  Gold titanium shafts are allowed.
  3.5.3  Metal shock caps are allowed
3.6  Springs are open.
3.7  Stock transmission case and differential.
3.7.1  Only Traxxas metal and plastic gears allowed inside the transmission
3.8  Most short course tires and wheels allowed (2.2/3.0) excludes aggressive knobby tires.
3.9  The Slash Modified class will be divided up among three different skill levels.  Novice, Amateur, and Pro.
  3.9.1  Each driver will be placed into a skill level that fits them best, so they can compete against other drivers of similar     skill.
  3.9.2  Three officials will make the determination for each driver’s skill level.
  3.9.3  Any driver may bump up to the next skill level without dispute.
  3.9.4  Any driver who wishes to bump down a skill level will be closely scrutinized, and may be required to bump up,                     which will result in a loss of points.
4.  Sprints
4.1  1/10 scale electric 2wd sprint car
4.2  Open motor and speed control.
4.3  Buggy front and rear tires.
  4.3.1  Losi slider tires are not allowed.
4.4  2 cell lipo battery limit.
4.5  Must have a top wing, front wing is optional.

5.  Beginners Class

5.1  Any 2wd electric vehicle is allowed excluding monster trucks.  Short course trucks are used the most.

5.2  There are no rules on tires, batteries, bodies, brands of vehicles, etc.

5.3  All cars must be run in training mode or at 50%.

5.4  All races will be timed events.

5.5  During the Mains, no cars will bump up.

Street Stocks

Any 1/10th scale buggy chassis.

2 cell lipo battery max.

17.5 turn motor max.

Bandito tires.

Scale street stock body.

6.  Race Entry Fees

6.1  $10 for the first entry per person.  $5 for each additional entry per person.

6.2  Family rate (family members in the household, not adults) = $10 for the first entry, $5 for each additional family entry.

The entry fees are higher this year to pay for the timing system and heating system.

7.  Tansponders

7.1  Every car must have a transponder if it’s on the racetrack.

  7.1.1  The transponder is an I-Lap seven digit transponder.  Others are no compatible.

  7.1.2  The transponder must face up, and have a clear view upwards to read the bridge sensors hanging over the             racetrack.

  7.1.3  Only a small number of transponders will be available for rent at a high cost.

8.  Race Format 

8.1  Qualifying

  8.1.1  A timed event.

  8.1.2  Only the fastest lap will be used for your qualifying time.

  8.1.3  You are allowed to pull your car off the track, make adjustments, and return to the track.

8.2 Heat Races

  8.2.1  Will be a set number of laps

  8.2.2  Will be set up in a staggered format based on qualifying results.

8.3  Mains

  8.3.1  Will be a set number of laps

  8.3.2  Will be set up based on the finishing order of the Heats.

  8.3.3  Will be alphabet soup type Mains (example = A, B, C, D, etc.)

  8.3.4  The lowest mains will be run first with one or two cars bumping up to the next main.

9.  Points System

9.1  The winner of A Main #1 earns 100 points.

9.2  Every position behind 1st drops down by one point.

9.3  Points continue to drop off by one point from the last finisher in the A Main to the first finisher in the B  Main, and so     on.

9.4  Points will drop off to 85 points and stop.  All drivers finishing below that position will earn 85 points.

9.5  Any driver that earns a spot in a Main but does not participate will earn 75 points.

9.6  Points stay with the driver.

9.7  The lowest points race for each driver will be dropped from the grand total.

10.  Calling Reds

10.1  Will be at the discretion of the class official calling the race.

10.2  Can be called by a driver for mechanical issues.

11.  Race Officials

11.1  A race official will be assigned to watch and monitor the racing.

11.2  A race official will make judgment calls and send cars involved in crashes to the back.

11.3  A race official will give verbal warnings and take away driver’s laps if necessary for rough or overly aggressive driving.

12.  Breakdowns
12.1  You are not allowed to work on your car during a race.
12.2  You are allowed to pull the body off a tire or replace a body clip. 

13.  Teching Cars

13.1  Any car can be teched at any time by a race official

13.2  A protest rule is in effect for the Slash Modified class.

13.2.1  If you want to protest a car’s transmission, speed control, or steering servo, it will cost you $20.

13.2.2  If the car is found illegal by a race official, you get your $20 back, and the protested driver will lose series points.

13.2.3  If the car is found legal by a race official, the protested driver gets the $20.

14.  Track Rules

14.1  No alcohol is allowed at the track or on the property.

14.2  No smoking is allowed in the building, even if the doors are wide open.

14.3  No foul or vulgar language.

14.4  Kids are not allowed to play or run on the track at any time.  They also need to remain indoors at night to avoid any hazards outside.

These rules are in place to keep our racing a family and kid friendly environment.  If you want to participate with us, these rules must be followed!

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